The Latest In Tens Technology - The Iphone Tens Machine

MedFaxx's Newest addition to tens machnines is the Iphone tens unit which allows the user to a free download on the Apple App Store to install on your Iphone or Ipad. 

Also can scan the QR code.  Anywhere you have your Iphone or Ipad then you also have your tens unit.   Call for availability and more information.



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Protocol For Using The V-254 UVC Wound Lamp - Video Print E-mail

 V-254 Wound Lamp Protocols



  Click here for video about this lamp and research.

   The bactericidal UVC light treatment program is an adjunctive therapy for reducing and eliminating bacterial bioburden that can impede wound healing.  This method of treatment is consistent with wound care best practice guidelines.  It is an important modality for cleaning a wound of surface infection where conventional methods have been ineffective.  UVC light is well documented in the medical literature as effective and safe for:

- Combating a developing surface infection
- Infected wounds where poor circulation reduces the effectiveness of systemic antibiotics
- Replacement of topical antibiotics
- Treating antibiotic resistant species such as MRSA

In addition, it has been shown to have beneficial effects for:

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Tens Electrode Placement For Post Surgery Print E-mail

Tens Electrode Placement For ACL Surgery


      The use of tens machines for post surgical treatment is being widely used today in the orthopedic surgery area.   The use of a tens machine is generally done as a way to prevent and control pain  follwing trauma to tissue and bones caused by surgery.    The tens unit electrodes are put on the patient while the patient is still unconscious and under anesthesia.   In most cases the electrodes are sterile electrodes,  however since the placement occurs after the wound is sutured it's not necessary to only use sterile electrodes.   This is a general guideline on how to place the electrodes and more importantly why.  

     If the tens machine is being used solely for pain then the electrode placement is not as crucial as it is when the electrical stimulus of the tens unit is being used to facilitate faster healing of the damaged tissues.   We recommend the tens electrode placement include both aspects of post surgery healing, faster healing and less pain.  Electrical stimulation has historically been used to heal non union fractures, non healing decubitus ulcers, and the processes for those type uses is the same one uses for healing tissues following surgery.

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The Psychological Burden of Morgellon's Disease For The Patient Print E-mail


Morgellon's Disease Eruptions



Morgellon's disesase is characterized by sores on the surface of the skin, often in the hair, and few available treatments are around. The skin is also characterized by vessel like structures that "thread" under the surface and are readily apparent to the casual viewer of the patient.

The disease itself, with the symptomatic skin changes, often leads to psychological damages to the patient. The patient is aware their condition not only looks bad but others are afraid it may be contagious and therefore avoid the Morgellon's patient. This rejection leads to behavior changes such as isolation, no socialization, depression and loss of will to live. Some patients become so frustrated they contemplate suicide.

The lack of knowledge of the cause of the disease is extremely frustrating to physicians but more so to the patient. When no one can explain why the disease exists and what is the cause the patient becomes frustrated. Not knowing the cause also means not knowing a treatment to halt or reverse the symptoms of Morgellon's.

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Patient Installment Terms From MedFaxx Print E-mail

Installment Terms For Financial Help For MedFaxx Patients.


Below terms are for patients who have, or will have a balance due to MedFaxx.    We try to minimize the financial discomfort to our patients and offer up to 48 month interest free financing.


Patient Balance     -     Maximum Term

Up to $150                 4 months

$151 to $400              5 months

$401 to $999            12 months

$1,000 to $2,500      24 months

$2,501 to $5,000      36 months

$5,001+                    48 months


In addition to the above terms for purchase of items we also offer rental agreements for medical equipment in lieu of actual purchasing.   Contact us for details.


   A payment plan can be established by the patient and/or guarantor for the terms listed above.  Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 800-937-3993 for further service.

Existing payment plan terms may be altered or extended on a temporary or permanent basis as long as they are in compliance with policy guidelines.   Any exceptions must be reviewed and given written approval by management.


How Functional Electrical Stimulation Reduces Rehabilitation Following ACL injury by 50 - 90% Print E-mail

Functional Restoration Reduces Rehabilitation Times After ACL Repair

  For years there has been considerable controversy as to why "Russian Stimulation" or what is referred to as "Dr. Kots" type stimulation increases muscle bulk and strength in athletes. There has been very little documented, peer reviewed study on what has become and, is becoming, a new aspect of rehabilitation medicine.  For an actual acl case study of the timeline to recover of the author's daughter go here - 98 days.

  Let's take a specific type injury, ACL surgery to repair, replace or transplant ligament. Generally speaking most people anticipate a very long time period of discomfort, weakness and limited range of motion, based upon the historical methods of treating anterior cruciate ligament repair or replacments ( hence ACL). Many injured anticipate 8 - 9 months minimum, however more realistic today is 8- 9 weeks. In the medical community the treatment is for tissue damage, whereas in the athletic world they have taken well conditoned athletes and improved their performance using treatments that complement rehabilitation procedures. The athletic trainer tries to increase muscle strength, torque, quickness for winning competitons. Following ACL repairs the same concepts are needed.

   Here is a simplfied version of what is going on when functional restoration electrotherapy is used in both of the above situations.


  The natural movement in our body is to enlist the smaller diameter muscle fibers first, followed by recruiting the larger diameter muscle fibers last. The coordinated recruitment provides us with a smooth movement, not a jerky non functioning movement. With the use of functional electrical stimulation we do the exact opposite. With external sources of electricity the first fibers to fire are the larger diameter fibers. If the electrical current from the electric stimulation machine is high then after recruiting the larger diameter motor nerves then the smaller diameter nerves are recruited. The effect is to have more motor fibers recruited using functional stimulation and volitional exercises than one would have with solely volitional exercising.

   The decreased time period to restore strength and full range of motion is reduced because of the electro stimulation actually stimulating more motor nerves. The use of functional electrical restoration can not stand alone by itself as being beneficial, unless the patient actually is willing to do the exercises, including the painful process to restore full range of motion. It's a given that without pain there is no gain, however pain will always be there whether one exercises or not. If not the pain is there, except it is extended for longer periods of time. With a cooperative patient doing the exercises and using functional electrical stimlation there is pain as one gains but the time period is cut by 30 - 70%. Worth the effort. See video.

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