Short Circuit Ion Channels Cause Pain

  New research shows that the pain signal may be simply an "electrical leak" from an ion channel.  As previously written there is a connection between the opening and closing of ion channels and electrical polarity charges.  The new finding by a team of scientists at KU Leuven indicates the actual pain message is electrical and is short circuited due to chemical changes in the ion channels.  The ongoing research is showing the chemical and physical relationship of pain and electrical polarities.

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Electronic Point Locator Stimulator Print E-mail

MedFaxx Digital Point Locator Stimulator 


     The areas of the body that should be stimulated for pain relief can be easily identified with a digital point locator/stimulator.  The body has points  of most conductance to electrical currents and these points are often incorrectly referred to as "acupuncture points" but that is not what they are.  These are physical spots on the skin that change their resistance due to injury or pain.   The digital readout on the Point Locator Stimulator also allows one to correctly calculate if the stimulation therapy has altered the point located and indicated for stimulation. 

     Physically when a patient locates a point of less resistance, ie. conversely more conductance, by watching the digital readout and by the audible sounds from the machine, that is indicative of where to press the top button and stimulate that point.   The patient literally feels the stimulation at that point versus not feeling it at all if not on a point.   This identification process is crucial for correct pain stimulation as well as for rehabilitation following injuries such as acl or mcl repair surgery using the Infrex FRM.   As the short stimulation period ( usually 30 seconds ) is done the underlying point becomes more resistant which is measurable using the device.  The sensory input from the stimulation is felt generally throughout the areas of pain.  After identifying numerous points, stimulating, then the pain subsides.

    Point locator/stimulation is also used to define areas to place tens electrodes for maximal relief.  The medfaxx acupuncture type digital point locator stimulator can be operated with one hand so a patient can self treat without assistance or supervision.  For product information.

Cancer & Cell Wall Polarity Print E-mail

Cancer Cell Wall Membrane Polarity

   Throughout human life the immune system is able to identify and attack aberrant cells which if not contained become cancerous.  The method of attack is to use free radicals, free electrons with a negative charge, and they are attracted to the aberrant cells which have a positive outer cell membrane charge.  The free radicals are capable of destroying the cancer cells and arrest any further development of new cancer cells.  It's not the process of a few cancer cells that are lethal to humans but it's the process of uncontrolled replication, use of available nutrients obtained via the blood supply and the removal of waste from the rapid growing cancer cells.  By checking the growth the process we know as cancer is prevented and that is the normal course of life for most people.


   For reasons still unknown it appears the aberrant cells evolve into new cells that the immune system can not find and attack.  The mechanism of doing this is a reversal of polarity on the outer cell wall membrane from a positive potential to a negative potential.  In physics we know that like charges repel and unlike charges attract.   The simple analogy is putting two bar magnets together and if opposite ends they attract and bind, if same ends (north pole/north  pole) then they repel or push away.  The electromagnetic forces  of the negative and positive polarities of the end of the bar magnet determine the course of action.   Over time possibly through evolution of survival by pre-cancerous cells the change of polarity from positive to negative prevents the immune system from attacking and destroying thus cells become cancerous and death and disease result. 

  It seems reasonable that if one can use external electrical devices of specific polarities and strengths then some of these cells can be repulsed or removed from the body by physical stimulation using electrotherapy.  The dosage and duration of the treatments has not been determined or tried to the author's knowledge but from a quantum physics angle of the use of polarities it would appear any cell resistances can  be overcome by an external device. 

  Cancer is too devastating to not be investigating all potential therapies, including physical ones. 

How To Prevent Skin Irritation When Using Tens Electrodes Print E-mail

MedFaxx Customer Service For Tens Electrode Skin Care

Hi Tammy,

  In helping the electrode to adhere, first of all, clean and dry your skin using regular soap and water, but do not use alcohol. Alcohol will dry your skin and may increase irritation with the use of electrodes. After removing the electrode, you may use aloe vera gel or a tens lotion on your skin to help with sensitivity. Also, clean the electrode upon removal with a moist wash cloth to remove skin debris, hair, oils, etc. that will stick to the pad. If the pad feels “mushy” it has absorbed moisture from your body, and after cleaning, let it dry some before storing in the plastic pouch (this happens frequently in hot, humid weather). This over-saturation will cause the electrode to come apart. If it gets too dry and not tacky, rub a couple drops of water on the pad. (Don’t put it under the faucet!)


  Using any gel or lotion before putting the electrode on will only reduce its adherence, thus you would feel like you would need tape, etc. There is a pre-tens skin prep which Bob mentioned in his email.  If you do encounter skin sensitivity, avoid placing electrodes in the same place until the skin heals. There are also “skin sensitive” electrodes available with a “blue gel”, however our patients say they do help and others say they don’t stick well, and still others say they are not skin sensitive. There are so many variables with each person that it seems to be “trial and error” in many instances. There is not one that’s perfect for everyone because of differences in everyone’s skin and body.


  For conductivity and adherence, the best thing you can do is to keep the electrode clean, keep yourself well-hydrated, and place the pads over a fleshy part of the body. Never put the electrode over bone, i.e., knee cap, spine, etc. If you’d like to discuss, please feel free to give me a call. Would be glad to speak with you.



Linda Lowery
MedFaxx, Inc.
Phone 919-570-0350, Toll Free 1-800-937-3993 
Fax 919-586-8091

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Does moderate alcohol intake prevent multiple sclerosis? Print E-mail

Red Wine Prevents Onset Multiple Sclerosis

    What person would want to consume alcohol to prevent multiple sclerosis?   First blush you wonder who but second read and you understand.  People who have multiple sclerosis in their heritage and with the onset of more DNA genetic coding those who may be carring recessive genes.   

     So much of preventive medicine today revolves around the avoidance of unnecessary inflammation and this new study seems to support the use of alcohol as an anti-inflammatory to prevent the onset of multiple sclerosis. It should also be pointed out that negative elecrical polarity is also an anti-inflammatory so the use of negative electrical charges may enhance the body's process of stopping inflammation when not necessary

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Myelin Sheath Destruction In Multiple Sclerosis Print E-mail

   One of the major reasons for progressive multiple sclerosis is the progression of cell death in the myelin sheath which protects the nerve cells.   This is an image from a scanning electron microscope showing the nerves and the protective covering of the myelin sheath.   Electrically it's the myelin that insulates the nerve impulse and assures the electric message goes to the intended nerve cell target. 


Myelin Sheath Protects Nerve Cells


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