F.R.P. Gives The Athlete The Competitive Edge And Helps Restore Function Quicker With Less Pain For the Injured Athlete.


     The process of achieving the competitive edge over another competitor,  or of restoration of full function,  is a dual process of exercise and electrical stimulation in concert with each other.   Electrical stimulation of muscle nerves has an ultimate outcome of increased torque or power.   This process is achieved by volitional contractions accompanied by muscle fiber recruitment with electrical stimulation.   

      The Infrex FRM actually excites the closest and largest muscle fibers first, while exercising, and with the intensity increased during exercise recruits more distant and smaller muscle fibers.   This process aids in function restoration and increased range of motion for higher torque.   The targeted fibers are stimulated by the 8,000+ frequency of the Infrex FRM thus allowing stimulation not available with other stimulation devices.   


  The FRP  video below ( coming soon) explains how the world class athlete, weekend golfer, professional tennis player or NBA star


1.  expands range of motion,


2.  increases torque for greater strength, and


3.  delays fatique for a competitive advantage.

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     The electrical stimulation device, Infrex Plus,  possesses specification characteristics that are not found in any conventional therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoretic like).  The Infrex Plus is the only unit that comes with a rechargeable battery system capable of 80 minutes of continuous treatment using only the rechargeable batteries as the power source.  The patient can treat in situations such as travel on bus, air, car, public areas such as recreation fields, athletic fields, and elsewhere when the use of the supplied AC adaptor is not convenient.  The Infrex Plus uses the latest  technology to make the unit truly portable, however in the clinic, office or home the use of the AC adaptor is recommended. 

    The Infrex Plus uses modified direct current (DC) compounded with a high frequency double exponential biphasic waveform. This background wave is harmonious with the body


and significantly reduces skin and fatty tissue impedance allowing much deeper penetration of the direct current without the side effects of skin burning.  Because of the balancing of negative and positive electrical energy there is no harm to the patient.   The cross currents reduce electrical resistance and accelerates repair by targeting the healing receptor cells. 

   The unique waveform cross currents, interference,  produces minimal inhibitory protective muscle contractions allowing active range of motion during therapy and training. This permits eccentric (lengthening) contractions to occur which are critical to treatment.  For the patient the best benefit is the Infrex Plus can be purchased for much less than any other Accelerated Recovery Machine can be rented for 2 -3 months.  



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