The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment  is happy to announce a new partnership program with MedFaxx, Inc.   MedFaxx is one of the oldest electrotherapy companies in the U.S.   Specializing in pain management using electrotherapy devices such as tens units, and the new combination tens and interferential therapy unit, - video on Infrex Plus.    MedFaxx has specialized in helping patients in chronic pain since 1977 and continues to do so.

      For every tens unit, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, sold MedFaxx will contribute $50 to the GJCAE.  For every Infrex Plus combination tens and interferential unit sold MedFaxx will donate $100 the the GJCAE.   The donation does not apply to Medicare/Medicaid patients.

    The Board of MedFaxx is happy to be part of the GJCAE efforts to raise levels of self confidence and self esteem in youth with arts programming.

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Adverse Reactions of Infrex Plus Print E-mail

Adverse Reactions:

* Skin irritation and burns under the electrodes are possible adverse reactions

*  Using the Infrex Plus on the interferential mode some patients have reported nausea and dizziness when treating themselves in excess of 90 minutes.
    This has been observed only on the interferential mode, not on the tens mode.

*  Some people do not enjoy the constant stimulation of interferential when used 24/7.   



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