F.R.P. Gives The Athlete The Competitive Edge And Helps Restore Function Quicker With Less Pain For the Injured Athlete.


     The process of achieving the competitive edge over another competitor,  or of restoration of full function,  is a dual process of exercise and electrical stimulation in concert with each other.   Electrical stimulation of muscle nerves has an ultimate outcome of increased torque or power.   This process is achieved by volitional contractions accompanied by muscle fiber recruitment with electrical stimulation.   

      The Infrex FRM actually excites the closest and largest muscle fibers first, while exercising, and with the intensity increased during exercise recruits more distant and smaller muscle fibers.   This process aids in function restoration and increased range of motion for higher torque.   The targeted fibers are stimulated by the 8,000+ frequency of the Infrex FRM thus allowing stimulation not available with other stimulation devices.   


  The FRP  video below ( coming soon) explains how the world class athlete, weekend golfer, professional tennis player or NBA star


1.  expands range of motion,


2.  increases torque for greater strength, and


3.  delays fatique for a competitive advantage.

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What Is A Hormone Profile? Print E-mail

Dr. Joe Hummel

   Often a clinic that specializes in "Hormone Replacement Therapy" is immediately regarded as an "estrogen" or "testosterone" clinic implying the patients are there for  "sexual dysfunction".   Women often seek hormone replacemlent therapy from their physician.   That simply is not the case if one is going to a "wellness clinic" or "science based medical clinic".  The reason for the reference by many to the sexual side is much of the discussion centers on what is known as male or female hormones related to sexual functions and sexual male/female characteristics.  There are many more hormones than those two, and even those two may require the use of other hormones, specifically DHEA,  to effectively assimilate those two hormones into our system properly.

   My personal experience has been I go to my medical doctor,


actually his experience/training  is as an emergency room doctor, and Dr. Hummel analyzes a vast array of hormones and other chemicals to assess whether my body is meeting the minimum demands for hormones for me to live healthy.   He looks at the typical blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, testosterone, thyroid function and many more.   A baseline is established so the results of hormonal supplements, if needed, can be monitored and measured.   If hormones or other medications, such as statins,  is warranted then those are prescribed.  Several weeks/months later new blood work is ordered to verify the underlying unhealthy pathologies are reversing and improving. 

   The essence of science based hormonal therapy is not to treat sickness but to maintain wellness.   This is a dramatic change from the historical methodologies of health care in the U.S.  Our nation's traditional measure of health care is actually "sick care".   We wait until sickness before requesting medical interventions.  The ideal way to address is health care is to prevent sickness rather than treat sickness.   This new approach is what has inspired the new "hormone replacement clinics" as a standard of health and prevention.






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