F.R.P. Gives The Athlete The Competitive Edge And Helps Restore Function Quicker With Less Pain For the Injured Athlete.


     The process of achieving the competitive edge over another competitor,  or of restoration of full function,  is a dual process of exercise and electrical stimulation in concert with each other.   Electrical stimulation of muscle nerves has an ultimate outcome of increased torque or power.   This process is achieved by volitional contractions accompanied by muscle fiber recruitment with electrical stimulation.   

      The Infrex FRM actually excites the closest and largest muscle fibers first, while exercising, and with the intensity increased during exercise recruits more distant and smaller muscle fibers.   This process aids in function restoration and increased range of motion for higher torque.   The targeted fibers are stimulated by the 8,000+ frequency of the Infrex FRM thus allowing stimulation not available with other stimulation devices.   


  The FRP  video below ( coming soon) explains how the world class athlete, weekend golfer, professional tennis player or NBA star


1.  expands range of motion,


2.  increases torque for greater strength, and


3.  delays fatique for a competitive advantage.

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Using Food To Positively Influence Children's Behaviors Print E-mail


     Video on how changing the food menu in high school positively affects classroom behavior.  Behavior changes not only improve performance, but also cut down on misbehaviors requiring more time and costs.  The small incremental costs for dietary changes is offset by costs being reduced on disciplinary actions and better academic classroom performances.




Video By Physicians Discussing Women's HRT Print E-mail


   This video by 3 M.D.'s discuss the history of the safety of using hormones with women for hormone replacement therapy.  Video to help educate women on expected benefits and risks today.  Historically the "science" has gone back and forth on safety  and risk issues.  This short video on women HRT therapy explains.   For more information on HRT for women go here. 


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Should Women Have Hormone Replacement Therapy? Print E-mail



Women Hormone Replacement Therapy


  Why do we replace hormones?  Is it necessary to replace them?  

  Those two questions are guiding the concept of female hormone replacement therapy.   The body stops producing the quantities of hormones as one ages.   That may or may not be a good or bad thing and that is what makes this controversial for some in the medical community.  Maybe our body slows down for a purpose and, if we introduce hormones back into the body externally, can that be counter productive to one's health? 
   A hormone is a chemical compound made by an organ of the body.  For women two of those organs are the ovaries and thyroid gland. The hormones most commonly reduced in women are estrogen, thyroid hormones and progesterone.  
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Migraine Headache Foods & Supplements Print E-mail


Migraine Prevention Food & Supplements

   Migraine headaches are crippling once onset has begun.  Patients are sensitive to light, noise, fragrances, foods and often are bed ridden until the episode is over. Migraines are a very debilitating condition. Often a physician may prescribe antidepressants or beta blockers for medications.

  There are some nutritional supplements that may help to prevent the occurrences, or reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks.  There is not a lot of research on efficacy for migraine supplements or the medications.  

   Historically there is also a presumption of muscle tightness in the neck area that restricts blood flow from the brain thus causing additional cranial pressure leading to migraine episodes.   Muscle relaxing dietary customs such as a relaxing cup of tea, glass of wine while sitting, help relax and unwind the neck muscles.  For some migraine headache patients biofeedback muscle relaxing training helps.  The therapist works with the patient to redirect blood flow to the extremities such as the hand, which teaches patients to release the cerebral pressure on the brain.


Below is a list of supplements and foods, containing those supplements, which may be beneficial for preventing migraines with some patients.

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Cancer Diet Foods & Supplements List Print E-mail

Cancer Prevention Foods & Supplements

   This nutrition article is a list of foods and supplements to prevent or treat cancer.   Better to prevent than treat, so here are some healthy foods that appear to be non carcinogenic.   General prevenitive dietary advice is found in this previous cancer diet article. 


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Cancer Prevention Diets Print E-mail



What dietary habits should one have to fight cancer or more importantly to prevent cancer?


General Dietary Considerations To Prevent Cancer: 

   1.  Eat less total fat and eat the right fats - Approximatly 20% or less of your total caloric intake should consist of fats.  Look at package labels to make sure the item chosen has less than 20% total fats. 

        Eat the right fats as the Eskimos do and those in the Mediterranean region.   This consideration based upon smaller incidence of cancers in the general population and observation of their diets. 

   2.  Eat less so you stay lean and are not obese.  Obesity tends to increase the % of people contracting cancer.  Don't overeat anything.  Consume moderately and if still hungry space your servings through the day, not at one seating.  

   3.  If a beer drinker then consume less if tend to drink heavily.  There does appear to be associated with colo-rectal cancer due to nitrosamines being a pre-cursor and nitrosamines found in beers.

       Jury out on red wines when the quantity PER SEATING exceeds 3,  4 oz. glasses per seating.   

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Fibromyalgia Foods & Supplements Print E-mail


Fibromyalgia Foods & Supplements:

   So little is known about the disease, much less the proper foods to consume and what foods to avoid. Fibromyalgia is not generally regarded as an "auto immune" disease but seems to be a condition of centralized pain reception sensitivity.  Nerve endings are sensitive but over time the receptor sites in the brain become hyper sensitive and general painful areas of the body becomes normal.  In some situations anti-inflammatories help certain patients however if the anti-inflammatory agent is food, not drugs, the outcome seems to be better.  Foods are vastly complicated chemical carriers and additional chemicals are ingested and may work together, or complementary to each other to enhance patient outcomes.

  It's often said the best pharmacy for fibromyalgia discomfort is found in the local produce and meat departments of your local grocer.

  Here are some of the best suggestions for combating Fibromyalgia with food, supplements, vitamins and herbs for pain control.

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Sciatica Nutritional Supplements Print E-mail

    Sciatica Nutritional Supplements

      Sciatica pain is often a recurring cycle of inflammation, often due to unnatural pressure on the sciatic nerve.   Constant interrupted pressure does not allow the sciatic nerve to heal as the inflammatory processes cause swelling.   Relief for the sciatica patient comes when the patient relieves pressure off the nerve such as lying down, sitting and by stopping walking.   Many sciatic nerve pains are exacerbated by standing,  as the shift in posture puts undue pressure on a portion of the sciatic nerve which then radiates from the inflammed point of pressure to the spinal cord which then sends the pain signal to the brain for interpretation.

      Nutritional supplements which eliminate, reduce, lessen the occurrences and duration of the inflammatory process also help relieve sciatic nerve pain.   Below is a list of sciatica nutritional supplements one should consider consuming while treating sciatic nerve pain.   These are guidelines for consideration and are not all inclusive but intended to explain what to eat and why.   There are other non inflammatory foods, vitamins, herbs and supplements that also may help.  

      Remember any "dosages" cited are relative to the size of the person, age, and subject to interacting with other supplements or medicines.   Your physician should be able to help establish efficacious dosage.  If one does not have a participating physician then generally it's best to begin with smaller doses and work toward higher dosages to avoid reactions.   Often overall blood levels are necessary for effective relief which means may take several days to reach a sufficient blood saturation level.

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