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List of Fibromyalgia Hypoglycemia Foods To Avoid Print E-mail

Hypoglycemic Fibromyalgia Foods To Avoid To Control Fibromyalgia Discomfort:



   The list of the below foods will increase insulin, decrease blood sugar, and bring out fibromyalgia and hypoglycemia symptoms.  You will note many of these foods have a high concentration of sugar which brings on symptomatic responses in fibromyalgia patients.  The elimination of many of the foods below is also characteristic of the Paleo Diet, which strongly emphasizes no packaged food products due to the excesses of sugar and salt. Also note this list does not include all beans but basically beans lacking color or beans requiring further refinements which may include the addition of additives such as sugars.

   Click here for a list of foods recommended to decrease fibromyalgia symptoms and for hypoglycemia.

white bread,
wheat bread,
whole wheat spaghetti,
white rice,
brown rice,
mashed potatoes,
baked potatoes,
whole grain cereals,
whole wheat cereals,
breakfast cereals,
instant oatmeal,
dried fruit,
orange juice,
fruit juices,
baked beans,
pinto beans,
navy beans,
kidney beans,
fava beans,
black beans,
potatoe chips,
corn chips,
pepsi cola,
coca cola,
ice cream,  
tortillas  anything with hidden sugars within them.

    These carbohydrates will increase insulin and lower your blood sugar because they have what's been termed as a "high glycemic load." Carbohydrates with a "high glycemic load" breakdown into a tremendous amount of sugar within your body and should be avoided as they make fibromyalgia symptoms worse.


This list compiled with help and reference to:



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