The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment  is happy to announce a new partnership program with MedFaxx, Inc.   MedFaxx is one of the oldest electrotherapy companies in the U.S.   Specializing in pain management using electrotherapy devices such as tens units, and the new combination tens and interferential therapy unit, - video on Infrex Plus.    MedFaxx has specialized in helping patients in chronic pain since 1977 and continues to do so.

      For every tens unit, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, sold MedFaxx will contribute $50 to the GJCAE.  For every Infrex Plus combination tens and interferential unit sold MedFaxx will donate $100 the the GJCAE.   The donation does not apply to Medicare/Medicaid patients.

    The Board of MedFaxx is happy to be part of the GJCAE efforts to raise levels of self confidence and self esteem in youth with arts programming.

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Hypoglycemia & Fibromyalgia Patient Foods To Eat Print E-mail

Fibromyalgia & Hypoglycemia Foods To Eat


Foods to eat for fibromyalgia and hypoglycemia symptoms are:

"Light" Carbohydrates with Protein
Eating "Light" / "Non-Filling" Carbohydrates (and filling up with other macronutrients such as healthy proteins and healthy fats) will keep insulin levels from rising and keep fibromyalgia symptoms from getting worse.

Examples of "light" carbohydrates are:

string beans,
soy beans,
bell peppers

  And do not forget to eat a good quantity of proteins and fats with these "light" carbohydrates. (Tip: Stir frying vegetables along with protein sources make an excellent meal.) "Light"/ "Non-Filling" Carbohydrates have a low glycemic load which means they breakdown to a moderate amount of sugar in the body and as long as one consumes healthy proteins and healthy fats along with the "light" carbohydrates, insulin will not increase, blood sugar will not decrease, and fibromyalgia symptoms will not flare-up.

Healthy Protein Foods:

chicken breast,

turkey breast,

round steaks,

egg whites,


soy hot dogs & sausages, & burgers.




   Above seafood is acceptable however know that they are low in fat but high in cholesterol.  Not all cholesterol is created equal so always differentiate between the cholesterols and remember all of us need ldl cholesterol.  The ratio of LDL and HDL cholesterol is possibly more important than any standard measure of a single form of cholesterol.

  All proteins can be eaten without fibromyalgia symptom flare-ups, however the best sources of protein are those with very little saturated fat and cholesterol.

Healthy Fats:

   The best sources of fats are monounsaturated fats ("healthy" fats). These fats come from nuts like macadamia nuts, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, hazel nuts, cashews and almonds. Pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oils are terrific as they are free from mercury (however it is costly). Olive oil, canola oil, and sesame oil are also good sources of "healthy" fats.

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