The Latest In Tens Technology - The Iphone Tens Machine

MedFaxx's Newest addition to tens machnines is the Iphone tens unit which allows the user to a free download on the Apple App Store to install on your Iphone or Ipad. 

Also can scan the QR code.  Anywhere you have your Iphone or Ipad then you also have your tens unit.   Call for availability and more information.



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Testimonial On Good Customer Service By Santa Dave Print E-mail

HI ,

I just spoke to one of the employees there & the service was the BEST, as usual! :)
I believe her name is Courtney, she's helpful & knowledgeable.

 Please give her & all the employees there a 'pat on the back' & my thanks.

 It's difficult these days to find businesses run as yours does. 
We'd be better off is  more were managed as you folks do.

 the IF unit I have helps me keep going &  at times even I forget  the help it gives.


I hope you'll bear with me in the following,,,,,,,,,,

 Though I am disabled I am trying to ge out of this  & in my own business.
 One is I am a real bearded Santa, as you can see here

 I  have had contracts as Santa with  South west Airlines, Microsoft as well as  many studios
 I will be shortly be shooting pics for a Christmas catalog.
Using the IF allows me to do this work.

Also I have started Trigger Time Gunsmiting LLC &  am licensed at my home for gun repair.
 I can  use the unit any time I need
 I have used the unit on my hands  due to arthritis. Again allowing me to get the work done.

Lastly the videos you do are a reminder to using the IF ,,, great work

 Thanks Again

Santa Dave




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