Short Circuit Ion Channels Cause Pain

  New research shows that the pain signal may be simply an "electrical leak" from an ion channel.  As previously written there is a connection between the opening and closing of ion channels and electrical polarity charges.  The new finding by a team of scientists at KU Leuven indicates the actual pain message is electrical and is short circuited due to chemical changes in the ion channels.  The ongoing research is showing the chemical and physical relationship of pain and electrical polarities.

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Video on Treating Chronic Pain Using The Layering Technique Print E-mail

   Medfaxx video on how to overcome the complications of living with pain and it's associated secondary pain conditions, known as the "Layering of Pain".  This is a treatment protocol to help patients eliminate secondary conditions first, example being sciatica, then return to the original cause of the secondary pain syndromes.

   Many original chronic pain diagnosis result in secondary pain conditions.  One of the most prominent diagnosis is chronic low back pain ( CLBP) which rediates over time to the condtion known as "sciatica" or sciatic nerve pain.  This video explains how to treat pain using the layering technique.  Often it is better for the patient to attack the secondary pain issues first using interferential or tens therapy (Infrex Plus) , coupled with heat/cold and topical pain products.   All of this in addition to rehabilitation, when appropriate, including stretching, exercising, movement etc.for treating the layers of pain.



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