The Latest In Tens Technology - The Iphone Tens Machine

MedFaxx's Newest addition to tens machnines is the Iphone tens unit which allows the user to a free download on the Apple App Store to install on your Iphone or Ipad. 

Also can scan the QR code.  Anywhere you have your Iphone or Ipad then you also have your tens unit.   Call for availability and more information.



Table of Contents

Video explains 3 pain theories and how electricity works to control pain Print E-mail

 Video Explanation of the three theories of chronic pain so a patient can understand how pain works and how using electricity in the form of tens, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or interferential can stop pain.  Video explains how pain messages are felt, how to inhibit and how the body can produce natural pain killers.

Melzack Wall theory, Sjolund opoid peptide with enkelphalins and endorphins, or the new glial cells are mentioned in this video to explain how an external interferential machine or tens machine works to stop pain.



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