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Pain Relief Videos
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1 "Wellness" Is The Future Norm Of Health Care In The U.S. - Video
2 10 Step Arp Treatment Plan
3 A "Germinator" For Stopping H1N1 and Other Air Borne Pathogens
4 Achilles Tendonitis May Lead To Ruptured Achilles Tendon Surgery
5 ACL Recovery With Functional Restoration
6 Antioxidants & Electron Supplementation Video On Healing
7 Article and Video On Attacking Pain in 5 Easy Steps, Layer by Layer
8 Article and Video on Treating Neck Pain With Interferential & Using Hocu Electrode Placement
9 Back Pain Video Explains How Tens Units Work
10 Basic Video Introducing Functional Restoration Concepts
11 Benefits of Using Infrex Plus As Functional Restoration Machine
12 Best Topical Pain Relievers For Sufferers Of Chronic Pain, Including Sciatica, Neuropathy, Shoulder Pain and Back Pain
13 Bulging Disc Pain Relief Video
14 Buy A Tens Unit & Trade In For Infrex Interferential Unit
15 Cancer & Tumor Treating Electrical Fields
16 Carry Over Pain Relief - VIDEO Emphasizes Interferential Therapy
17 Choosing Interferential and Tens Electrodes - How to
18 Chronic Pain Conditions Respond to New Pain Treatment With The Infrex
19 Comparing Acupuncture Treatments To Interferential Treatments Using Tens Electrodes
20 Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Prize Medicine
21 Dr. Terry Wahls video on why nutrition is medicine
22 Electrical Stellate Ganglion Block
23 Electrode Care - VIDEO
24 Electrode Placement for Back Pain - VIDEO
25 Electrode Placement for Foot Pain - VIDEO
26 Electrode Placement For Tens and Interferential Units - Why and Where To Put Tens Type Electrodes Video
27 Electrode placement for treating sciatic pain, radiating leg pain
28 Electrotherapy Made Simple
29 Electrotherapy Video For Health Care Professionals
30 Elimination Diet Video For Healthy Living
31 Exercise & Antioxidant Supplements
32 For Free Patient Trial of Infrex Combination Interferential & Tens Unit MedFaxx Consigns Infrex To Clinics
33 Free Infrex or Tens Consignment
34 Free Tens & Infrex Trials For The Chronic Pain Patient
35 Free Tens Trial - Infrex Plus
36 Headache Pain got You Down? - VIDEO
37 Helping Patients The MedFaxx Way Video
38 Herbal Video On Nutrition
39 High Ankle Sprain Electrotherapy Protocol
40 How A BioFrequency Current Creates Ions Video
41 How Do Cancer Cells Develop & Disguise Video
42 How Does Bacteria Talk To Each Other Video
43 How Does One Understand The Mumbo Jumbo On Estim & Our Body
44 How Does Ultrasound Therapy Help Heal or Reduce Pain?
45 How Interferential works to reduce or eliminate pain.-
46 How Medium Frequency Current Modifies Atoms
47 How Muscle Spindles Prevent Injury Video
48 How The Atom Determines Our Health
49 How To Change The Body Chemistry With Infrex Interferential Therapy To Stop Pain Impulses
50 How To Increase Muscle Bulk, Strength & Range Of Motion Using Infrex FRM Electrotherapy
51 How To Operate The Infrex FRM Video
52 How To Stop Hospital Infections and Stop Acquired School Infections Between Children
53 How To Strengthen Muscles with Exercise & Muscle Stimulation
54 How To Use A Muscle Stimulator Video
55 How To Use A Muscle Stimulator Video
56 How to use a TENS unit to reduce or eliminate pain - VIDEO
57 How Your Body Uses Electrical Charges To Repair and Restore Functon
58 Importance of Separate Power Control On Tens Unit
59 Infrex For Cosmetic Goals-Reduce Wrinkles, Eliminate Cellulite, Improve Skin Tone and Color, Improve Muscle Tone
60 Interferential & Tens Electrode Placement For Hip Pain - Video
61 Interferential & Tens Electrode Placement For Sciatic Pain Relief
62 Interferential Therapy & Quantum Mechanics
63 Interferential Treatments Are Routine For Pain Relief In Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Doctor Offices For Over 50 Years
64 Less Pain, More Gain - How To Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery
65 Massage Therapy For Piriformis Syndrome
66 MedFaxx Offers First Tens Unit Trade In For Infrex Interferential Therapy At Home, Not In Clinics
67 Meet MedFaxx & Our Objectives
68 Most Viewed Video On You Tube About How To Use A Tens Unit
69 Multiple Sclerosis & Nutrition Video
70 Multiple Sclerosis, Myelin Regeneration and Functional Electrical Stimulation Video
71 Muscle Lengthening Using Infrex Estim Unit
72 Neuralgia Pain Can Be Stopped Without Medications
73 Nutrition & Electrotherapy - Herbs To Modify Diet
74 Patient explains how to use the Infrex Plus Pain machine
75 Patient Instruction Video on How To Use The Infrex Plus Unit on Tens and Inteferential Mode
76 Point Location & Stimulation Video For Pain Control
77 Press Release On Glial Cells and Pain Modulation Using Interferential Therapy
78 Protocol For Using The V-254 UVC Wound Lamp - Video
79 Return to the Game - ACL surgery - Video of # 14
80 Reusable Electrode Care
81 Short Introductory Video Of The Kettlebell Swing
82 Stretch for a Stiff Back
83 Suicide Should Not Be An Option For The Chronic Pain Patient
84 The Importance Of Nutrition In Health Using Free Radicals & Antioxidants
85 The Infrex Plus As A "Military Electronic First Aid Kit"
86 The Infrex Plus As An "Electronic First Aid Kit" Video
87 The Live Actions Of Human Cells Video
88 Treating Fibromyalgia Pain At Home With Ultrasound
89 Understanding Interferential Therapy & Development Of Infrex FRM
90 Using Hot or Cold Water As An Electrode System for Pain Relief
91 Video - Mobile UV Room Sterilizer
92 Video By Physicians Discussing Women's HRT
93 Video Explaining "High Frequency" For Pain Control
94 Video explains 3 pain theories and how electricity works to control pain
95 Video Explanation of Quantum Mechanics & Biological Applications
96 Video on Electrode Placement For Shoulder Pain
97 Video On Electron Transport Chain
98 Video on General Tens Electrode Placement For Pain Syndromes & Specific Electrode Placement Video Links For Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica Pain, Low Back Pain Electrode Placement
99 Video on How A Tens Unit Works To Stop Pain
100 Video On How Alpha & Gamma Motorneurons Affect Muscle Tone
101 Video On How Chronic Pain Becomes A Diagnosis
102 Video on how electricity is used to heal non union fractures, bed sores, and the general positive negative charges that help our body heal
103 Video on How To Treat Two Distinct Painful Areas With The Infrex Plus Combination Tens and Interferential Modes
104 Video On Interferential Therapy and Quantum Mechanics
105 Video on Muscle Stimulators and What is the purpose of Muscle Stimulation For Rehabilitation
106 Video on proper electrode placement for back pain relief.
107 Video On Rehabilitation Costs & Results For Less Patient Dollars
108 Video on Saving Money on Tens Electrodes
109 Video on Top 10 Ways To Get To Sleep
110 Video on Treating Chronic Pain Using The Layering Technique
111 Video On Ultraviolet C Range Light For MRSA & VRE Infections
112 Video On Using Functional Electrical Stimulation For Multiple Sclerosis Patients
113 Video on What Comes With The Infrex Plus Combination Interferential and Tens Unit
114 Video on When To Use Tens or Interferential Mode on the Infrex Plus Pain Machine
115 Video Presentation Of Digestion With Processed and Non Processed Foods
116 Video To Care For Tens Electrodes And Save Money After Buying Tens Electrodes
117 What Are Valence Electrons & Why Important Video
118 What Causes Osteoarthritis & How Do You Cure Osteoarthritis?
119 What Happens On My Functional Restoration Program?
120 What Is A Muscle Stimulator And What Is It Used For?
121 What Is An Atom Video
122 What is Interferential Current Therapy and How Does Interferential Therapy Work?
123 When to Use Tens or Interferential On The Infrex Plus Combination Pain Machine
124 Why Does Interferential Therapy Provide Carryover Pain Relief?
125 Why Is ATP So Important In Life?
126 Why Is Ultrasound Used For Pain and Healing In A Clinic - What Does It Do?
127 कटिस्नायुशूल दर्द के लिए इलेक्ट्रोड स्थान पर वीडियो.


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