Good morning, Miss Lowery.


  Thank you for the notice.  We will look forward to receiving the order when it does come in.


     The Infrex has been a Godsend.  My wife has a high school basketball knee injury that flairs up once in a blue moon.  When this has occurred in the past she has usually been in considerable pain for 3 to 5 days and difficulty walking for a minimum 7 to 10 days.  One such flair up occurred Tuesday night this week.  She could put no weight on her knee making it difficult to get around.  We used the Infrex overnight and not only did it help her sleep by relieving her pain she was able to walk with only some discomfort the next day and a far less constrictive knee brace than she usually has to use with these occurrences.  We iced Tuesday night, used the Infrex again Wednesday afternoon and iced at night.  Thursday she had almost no pain to speak of.


    We are so very glad to have found MedFaxx and to have purchased an Infrex.  Thank you and give our thanks to Mr. Johnson and all the folks at MedFaxx for the blessing your work and the products that you provide are to us.  Have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead.


God bless.


Alphonz Lee

   Below unsolicited testimonial  from a MedFaxx progressive multiple sclerosis patient using a Functional Electrical Stimulator we supplied.   She has always been doing exercises but called us as she saw her muscles were wasting away even with the exercises and beginning to lose motor control.  We then set up a treatment protocol that met her schedule, set the parameters on the FES machine for her, and off she went.   

 She is following the dietary plans set up by Dr. Terry Wahls in her book "Minding My Mitochondria" and we used our knowledge of functional stimulation to create her protocol.    

  Deb, a Registered Nurse,  has had progressive multiple sclerosis for 40+ years.  The 1 inch increase in circumference was on calves and thighs. 


Hi Bob!


  I have some good news! Can you believe that since I've had the muscle stimulator that my leg muscles have increased in size by 1"! Isn't that amazing?! That has happened in about two months. I suspected it because my pants were fitting tighter. Thanks for the info that you send me.





  This conversation with Deb continued after this posting and we wanted to share this info. with those of you who might benefit understanding what is probably going on.   This done with Deb's permission. 

   Deb when you see the clinician on the Bioness device you need to point out how your muscles are basically inverting your foot so the machine can correct that.   Remember something like inversion basically means the contralateral  (balancing) muscles are weak.   You need to strengthen those so the stronger active muscles are offset with a counter force.

   On the ES once you have reached the point where you basically have the ability to achieve function then at that point you really don’t need estim in the form you are using, FES.   It’s at that point where you have function, but lack strength/endurance, that you would shift.    Now having said that when you do function and use your FES unit you really are involving more motor nerves firing more muscles than you get voluntarily.   When you exercise you fire small motor nerves and as the pressure/force is exerted then you fire the medium and larger diameter fibers.  I would think right now you are probably only firing small to medium fibers when you solely exercise without estim.   With estim it’s working the opposite and that is electricity fires the larger ones first, then medium then small or opposite.

  I think your muscle circumference strength increase you are seeing is due to that inverse firing that is occurring.  

  Now the real reason is you are one motivated, great spirited lady who believes in helping yourself get better and defeat the progression of MS.  Your attitude and willingness to work is the big difference in all of this!!!  Now without the FES you would not have done as well as you  have, but so many people don’t have your drive and commitment!!




Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 11:42 AM
To: Bob Johnson
Subject: Re: Deb 


 You're right that the 1" increase is the circumfrence around my calf muscle and my thigh muscle. I am also able to bend my ankles better and place my affected foot much straighter so my step is more normal. I was diagnosed with MS almost 40 yrs. ago!

  More on my testimony to continue coming to you. I'll keep you updated. I'm so excited!! Life is taking on a whole new meaning for me.

 With that said how often do you advise me to continue to use the ES?



Dear Folks at MedFaxx,


   I want to take a moment to thank all of you with whom I have spoken or dealt.   Your customer service is just outstanding!!!   How nice it was to call your number and speak to someone I could understand & communicate with.  I can not tell you how much that meant.   

  The tens unit has helped a great deal, but all of you meant so much as well. 

  Thanks so much, and I will definitely recommend your company any chance I get!

  Happiest of holidays to of you and God bless.


     Barb XXXXXXX  (Last name withheld)


P.S.  Please never outsource your customer service.

   Below is an email from a multiple sclerosis patient following the protocol of Dr. Terry Wahl's using a MedFaxx muscle stimulator ( parameters set by MedFaxx)  and her progress and comments.   The patient is also experiencing sciatic pain and a muscle stimulator is not indicated for pain, but the Infrex Plus on interferential mode is indicated for sciatica pain and other pain symptoms. 

Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:23 AM
To: Bob Johnson
Subject: Progress on use of muscle stimulator with multiple sclerosis


Hi Bob! I hope you get this email. The last ones kept returning to me.


I am using the ES at least 5 times a week and up to a count of 15 times once a day. I love it and I can feel and see improvements. Do you agree that I should keep doing what I'm doing and maybe increase to twice a day at some point? Can the stimulator be used for sciatic pain and how would I do that?


Also, is there a proper way to clean the electrodes so they stick better? I'll be happy to get new ones!


Ya'll be good, LOL,



Good for you Debbie.   Glad to hear and thanks for sharing.   Here’s info:

1.  Not sure exactly what mean by “5 times ….up to 15 times” but.    If you are seeing improvements then rather than change the “number of times” then change the time of stimulation.   Example:  you turn unit on and work the muscles for 10 minutes each time you do this.    Ok now you need to turn unit on same number of times as you do BUT increase time of treatment from 10 minutes to 15.   In essence you have increased the “work load” by 50% - from 10 minutes of pumping muscle to 15.

2.  A muscle stimulator is not indicated for pain.   The machine does not have the right parameters to efficiently and effectively control or prevent pain.   My suggestion would be to use the Infrex on interferential mode as it’s most effective.   Couple things on sciatica pain:

3. Here is video my wife and I did on electrodes that you may like:

4.  My email has been working consistently so not sure why returning.  

   What have you done nutritionally that is a change from your pre-stimulation diet?   Do you have any suggestions on diet modification?   Also keep your fluid intake high as that makes stimulation easier and remember muscle stimulation is a net energy cost.   Movement involves more energy so make sure diet provides the additional nutrient matter to support a higher activity level.

   Thanks and keep me informed of your progress.


P.S.  The Infrex Plus is the machine we discussed that is used to increase muscle bulk and strength once you regain function so has dual use, pain and increased strength.  



Increasing Range of Motion Through Pain Management

   Update for you Bob, been doing Infrex FRM every other day after I received it on my Quads, Hamstrings, Hips, Calf/achelles, Glutes.  Settings at -500rz-cr- at 20/20 5 min at + 5 min at - polarity,   Power setting start at 3 bars to 7 bars.

   First thing I noticed this Machine is much stronger than the ARP.   The pain in my right knee has subsided quite a bit, I am a little sore but I think that comes from the stronger power of this machine.  I am also using some of the Arp protocols so I will cut back some till I learn the little in and outs of the Infrex compared to the ARP.  So far its far more than I would have expected.  

   You guys did a good job getting this thing to do what the ARP does. Once people start using this there should be Raves about it. Will keep you up updated on my range of motion results as time goes on here. Also you can count on me being a BIG advocate of your INFREX FRM.  



Mike Niespodzany 

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