Dr. Len Kravitz of the Univ. of New Mexico posed the question - "Is Exercise The Best Antioxidant Supplement" and proceeded to explain the concept of free radicals and antioxidants.  What is interesting is Dr. Kravitz has extensive experience in exercise physiology as seen here.

     There exists a body of research that indicates planned exercise programs may help our body fight off disease and sickness if the exercise is moderately implemented.  If not implemented slowly then there can be tragic consequences such as is seen in the "Weekend Warrior" syndrome.   Click here for video on Weekend Warrior ( also below ) and what is the main culprit on overdoing exercises and what the results may be. 

     As is seen in Dr. Kravitz's report it is imperative to understand the effects of free radicals and preserving our health.   The question that is begging is can one use electron supplmentation by administering a flow of electrons externally through the body and will the body use the electrons to harness the harm of free radicals?  The Infrex FRM program has a long term goal of establishing the use of electron supplementation and electron redistribution in healing.   


Weekend Warrior Video